How to Turn Your Life Around

How to Turn Your Life Around

Meditation Teacher Training: Things You Will Learn

Travis Franklin

This post is about meditation teacher training and the different things you will study during the course. Some of the topics you will cover include different postures, how to effectively use while teaching meditation, obstacles to practice, boundaries and self-care. Read on to find out more!

Finding the right posture

The first thing you learn is how to choose a posture that is most suitable for the student. The postures you choose will depend on their physical condition and level of experience. For example, if a student experiences pain or discomfort in their legs, it might be better not to sit crossed-legged, as this could exacerbate the problem. You will also learn how to modify poses for different levels of experience.

Using language

You will begin by learning the most effective ways to communicate with students. For example, you might use metaphor and imagery as well as using silence. You may also explain that practice is a process that takes time and is a continual learning process — just like an athlete who wants to improve their performance always practises. You will also show the benefits of self-care and how to be patient with oneself.

Asking questions

You will learn to use questions as a way of directing students to concentrate on what they are experiencing. You will also learn how to reorientate a student using a question if they feel their mind wandering or getting lost in thought.

Recognising obstacles

One of the main obstacles to meditation is falling asleep during meditations. You will teach ways to avoid falling asleep and how to overcome the barrier of falling asleep during meditation. For example, you may recommend that students hold an object in their hands while meditating. If they fall asleep, the object will fall to the floor and wake them up. You might also show how to deal with other obstacles such as procrastination.


You will study ways that you can care for yourself daily. You will need to learn how to take breaks, be on your own, do things you enjoy and so on so that you are an example of someone who is balanced in their life. Similarly, there is a section on boundaries which includes setting limits with students and knowing when to put an end to the session.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a company that offers meditation teacher training courses today.


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